Chris Arnold

Chris is a seasoned professional with over thirty years’ experience in higher education and equity and inclusion.  Chris is the Founding Director of the Bob and Aleicia Woodrick Center for Equity and Inclusion at Grand Rapids Community College.  Chris prides herself on her vast community network and ability to navigate throughout our diverse community. Chris has extensive experience in equity and inclusion facilitation, and community engagement. Upon retiring from GRCC Chris founded her own consulting LLC, and worked with many organizations, consulting in the areas of Equity and Inclusion, Community Engagement and Project Management. Chris also served as Interim Executive Director at LEDA the Lakeshore Ethnic Diversity Alliance. 

In July 2019 Chris began working at Steelcase in the Social Innovation Programs and Partnerships, which allowed her to continue to have a broader impact on our local and global community.  Chris is currently a Senior Consultant with Inclusive Performance Strategies.

As the granddaughter of migrant workers, her family was one of the first Mexican families to settle in West Michigan. Chris has always prided herself on her family history and heritage and honors it by the way she has chosen to live her life of leadership and service to the entire community. While she has personally experienced bigotry and economic inequities as personal and social challenges, especially growing up in a single parent household with six siblings, she uses this personal experience to better understand others and assist them in building strength through overcoming adversity through education and community building. Chris is a graduate of Grand Rapids Public Schools, Grand Rapids Community College and Central Michigan University.